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Origami - A World Peace Art
Origami Diagrams

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"I believe that origami carries the message of peace to everyone in the world"

Akira Yoshizawa – Origami Master

"The Japanese word ORIGAMI is compound of ORI (to fold) and KAMI (paper). Although origami has been a part of Japanese culture for more than a thousand years, it began in China, the birthplace of paper."

Origami Zoo by Robert J. Lang and Stephen Weiss

"It is not difficult to understand why Origami is the most popular of all papercrafts: the art is very inexpensive, can be done anywhere at anytime and requires no equipment or facilities other than a sheet of paper and a firm surface to work on."

Step-by-Step Origami by Paul Jackson

"Origami has became an international art. Every year the world of origami grows bigger, its popularity has grown not only in Japan but worldwide. Anyone can enjoy Origami, regardless of age, sex, nationality and language."

The New Origami by Steve & Mequmi Biddle

"Why do people became paperfolders ? The reasons are about as many as the folders. I suspect that most non-creative folders learn origami in order to be able to teach it as an entertainment for children, as therapy for patients with physical or mental handicaps, as a means of cultivating dexterity , or as a demonstration of the principles of geometry. Others fold paper because they want to use the models they make – as decorations for holidays and parties or to make individual greeting cards."

Complete Origami by Eric Kenneway

"Origami can enrich human life with the joy of having made something oneself. It has been bringing this kind of happiness to many people for many hundreds of years."

Creative Origami by Kunihiko Kasahara

Wikipedia entry for Origami:

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A collection of great contributions to origami by John Smith.

Joseph Wu's site

This freat site promotes the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. Beginners and experts alike will be impressed by the variety of instructions and diagrams available.

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The tremendous Origami Mathematics Page

Origami and Mental Health Therapy by George Ho

The excellent and the most beneficial website, very useful and informative for everybody.

World Origami Peace Tree Garden Project

The project goal is to promote a peaceful and better world by educating all people through art practised without discrimination of any kind and in the Philantropy spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and tolerance.

The project is the UNESCO 2005 prize-winner for the contribution to World culture and World Peace promotion.

More than 5000 participants from 54 countries have already taken part with their nice Origami models in thirteen Peace Tree Festivals.

Russia 2000, 1st Origami Peace Tree "Crane of Peace"
Russia 2001, 2nd Origami Peace Tree "Art + Education = Origami"
Russia 2002, 3rd Origami Peace Tree "Origami Wild World Park"
Korea 2004, 4th Origami Peace Tree "Paradise for Children"
USA 2004, 5th Origami Peace Tree "All Peoples Folding for Fun, Beauty and Peace"
Germany 2005, 6th Origami Peace Tree "All you need for peace, is a piece of paper!"

Dedicated to the 6Oth anniversary of the Second World War, 50th anniversary of the First Origami exhibition in Europe by Akira Yoshizawa, 5th anniversary of the Origami Peace Tree project

Japan 2005, 7th Origami Peace Tree "The World Peace"

Dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Nuclear Tragedy in Japan

India 2006, 8th Origami Peace Tree

Dedicated to the victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster 2004

Ukraine 2006, 9th Origami Peace Tree
Poland 2007, 10th Origami Peace Tree
Brazil 2007, 11th Origami Peace Tree
Israel 2008, 12th Origami Peace Tree
Romania 2008, 13th Origami Peace Tree

Peace Tree Art Movement

By the International Art Partnership "Peace Tree"

The goal of the Peace Tree Art Movement is to place art everywhare at the service of the harmonious development of all people.

International Art Partnership "Peace Tree"

The IAP "Peace Tree" is an international non-governmental non-profit organization that has dedicated itself to the development of art’s education.

The main goal is Peace through Art.

The IAP motto is "Beauty and Goodness will save Peace"