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Bilal from Turkiye (2010-11-14 17:03:58)

Hello. I am a teacher and interested in Values Education. November's value is Peace. Peace Tree is a good idea for peace value. I think Origami peace tree is better than it. But how do we make origami peace trees? Are there any plans? Thanks for great web sites.

Evdokiya Panova from Russian (2010-11-08 08:16:45)

Good afternoon. Tell me, what projects are being implemented at present. I with my students participated in the Festival of Origami -Peace Tree in 2008 in Romania. We would like to continue participating in your events, but can not find information about them. We would be grateful if you send information to the address

Maria Bis from Polska (2010-09-03 20:01:32)

Projekt OPT to cudowna inicjatywa i wspaniały pomysł na integrację pasjonatów origami na całym świecie. Bardzo sie cieszę, że pasja, jaką jest sztuka origami promuje pokój na całym świecie.Gratuluję organizatorom i uczestnikom. Pozdrawiam wraz z moimi uczniami wszystkich origamistów.
Maria Bis i uczniowie PSPzOI Nr7 w Stalowej Woli - Polska

Saunta Gantt from USA, Virginia (2010-07-28 02:32:35)

i miss doing origami, im going to start back again. I think this was a wonderful idea

Narayan Mishra from INDIA (2010-06-13 10:00:31)

Let origami reach the little fingers of million children of the earth to give a vibrant future in the field of innovative field of origami.

Nancy Baker from USA (2010-06-10 17:12:41)

I'm not fully understanding how the project works. My daughter is thinking of starting this in her school. She loves origami, so this would be a great project for her! Please explain!

Laney Baumann from USA (2010-04-25 23:20:12)

I am so exited to participate in this origami project!!!

heber apaza sar from peru (2010-04-19 19:44:11)

hola a todos los amigos origamilocos del mundo que luchan por la pas mundial, yo ya llevo plegando unos 7 aos y voy conociendo exelentes amigos que nos inclinamos al arte de las figuritas de papel, y mediante ella podemos dar nuestras apreciaciones sobre diferentes temas, asi como es la pas un saludo de cusco peru origami cusco.

mayank Pandey from India (2010-04-12 11:40:21)

What do u mean by origami peace tree

Priscilla L. Adriano from Philippines (2010-03-01 02:10:14)

I am interested in origami, but I am a beginner in papaer folding. The last time I fold used paper was re-using this paper into vases and swan. Today, I have totally forgotten how to fold the paper for vases. Can you help me learn again?

Mayank Pandey from India (2010-02-13 14:41:47)

i am interested to knowing about origami

fred from america (2009-11-17 21:13:56)

origami is great!!!

Marta Figueroa from Portugal (2009-09-08 17:26:35)

where will be the 2010 origami peace tree?

Sebastian Ordenes Tapia from Chile (2009-08-25 14:44:35)

hi all:

First of all congratulate you for the beautiful work done in each project.

I like to have information about the foundation of the project, to study in my country, I already have several events held at the governmental level.

And we Guatari host the project in 2010.

Please send an email contact.

Thank you very much.


Maria Watkins from USA (2009-08-16 15:17:33)

I work with middle school students in America. I would like to start a peace tree project at our school. How do we send our origami to you? Please send more information on how we can become involved.

Many thanks!

michelle from australia (2009-07-06 07:51:14)

HI this is my first time here and i would like to learn how to do origami i'm learning how to do a papa crain i'm only 8 years old and very interisted.

yara prates from brasil (2009-05-04 12:34:07)

Im director of Association Brasilian of Psycopedagogy, and we would like information for sponsor of Origami Peace Tree in Saint Paul (the biggest city in South America)

Leah from England (2009-04-06 13:51:31)

Origami is wonderful.

bahadur from india (2009-03-16 01:18:57)

i am interested to knowing about origami

H. Nicolas Delgado from Bolivia, La Paz (2009-03-01 20:27:25)

Hola a todos,
un cordial saludos desde La Paz, Bolivia.
Estoy muy contento por el Arbol de la paz, un motivo para unirnos sin ninguna distinciones y es lo que ns motiva por medio del origami.
Felicidades a Argentina por el proyecto que tiene este 2009.
En buena hora Argentina un grana abrazo a la organizacion de este evento a llevarse en Rosario.
Desde Bolivia.

H. Nicolas (Henchiai)

Christine from USA (2009-02-05 20:44:02)

Hi! I'm really happy about this. It's my first year doing origami for the Peace Tree, and I'll do my very best!

Seira Sacha from Malaysia (2009-01-22 06:01:29)

I love doing origami & I wanna be a part of this Origami Peace Tree Project!

Candice Herne from Australia (2009-01-22 01:26:19)

Hello I really like your Peace project involving origami. I am a visual artist and in the past have explored the art of origami. I am in the process of finishing a international weather photography project. Which has inspired me so much. That I am looking for other international projects that inspire connection. Hoping to hear from you. sincerely Candice Herne

loredana (2009-01-13 14:28:54)

aici este concursul origami? si nu stiu ce inseamna country

tricia coffey from australia (2009-01-01 06:23:00)

I an interested in this origami project. Can u pse adv if it is available to people with disabilities, not children. Could you pse adv how the project works as I just stumbled upon it on google Tks Tricia

vikas from india (2008-12-15 08:13:43)

i am very exited to see the origami tree site.i want to join this & i want to work for peace .please tell me how

Tara McCullough from USA (2008-11-11 19:19:15)

hI, I am a school teacher and we were interested in hosting an Origami Peace Tree event. If you could please send us the info. that would be great! Thanks so much, T McCullough

Toshiko Kobayashi from USA/Japan (2008-11-10 11:57:35)

What a wonderful project you have promoting Origami! I would like to contribute in some way connecting Africans and people all over the world.
Please let me know how I can involve in this project.
Many thanks,


Andrei Stratila from Romania (2008-11-03 22:24:57)

I'm glad too see that this ORIGAMI PEACE TREE project had results much better than expected. Organizers (including me) hope that someday we will host once again this great festival.
Greetings from Romania, Iasi !

Nikita Modak from India (2008-10-11 14:34:39)

Me(Nikita) & my son Swapnil are fond of origami. We would like to be part of "The Origami Peace Tree."

Ma. Cristina Beltramino from Rosario- ARGENTINA (2008-10-09 19:33:55)

Hola a todos!! Que hermosa propuesta es esta. Trabajo en una escuela Domiciliaria y Hospitalaria y muchas veces nuestros alumnos realizan Origami, les encanta ver transformada una hoja de papel en algo bello, se maravillan y aprenden muy rpido. Las grullas por ejemplo.
Este ao participamos del Proyecto de la Asociacin C.H.I.C.O.S,"Mil Grullas por la Paz" que explican su trabajo en un mail anterior.Hermoso!!
Los nios son el futuro y ellos deben valorar la PAZ.ADELANTE!!!

Adriana from Ro Grande. Tierra del Fuego -Argentina (2008-10-02 21:39:09)

Hola. Que linda idea! estoy chuzmeando la pagina. Me gustaria me manden novedades a este correo. Para ir interiorizandome mas del proyecto, y conocer gente que realiza origami. Adry

Rosa Barbarich from Australia (2008-09-24 23:24:00)

I'm looking foward to 2009,I would love to see "The Origami Peace Tree" here in my country at long last..Thank you.
Kind regards and keep your wonderfull work for PEACE IN THE WORLD>
Rosa Barbarich.

Roy McCarty from USA (2008-09-15 04:47:10)

Peace is an Origami for the world... something simple transformed into something beautiful

mahendra Lal shrestha from Nepal (2008-08-12 05:06:09)

i am a teacher. iwant to learn origami in japan. could you tell me how i can get an oppertunity to participate in origamei training?

Julia Guzmn from Argentina (2008-08-03 05:55:09)

Congratulations for the project! I love peace and origami! perhaps together could obtain want we need and look for: Peace

Elvira- from ARGENTINA- (2008-07-10 12:02:31)

Felicitaciones!!! todo por la PAZ del mundo- Muy buena iniciativa- Amo el Origami- Es un arte maravilloso!-lo practico desde hace muchos aos-

Marcelo Pignone from Brasil (2008-06-13 15:12:10)

Excelente iniciativa, origami pel paz.
Abrao a todos.

Mary Ann Mckechnie from United Kingdom (2008-04-17 18:54:00)

i love doing origami i find it so relaxing but i want to find something to do with all the thing i make can some please tell me wat to do with them

Anne Korde from USA (2008-04-17 14:00:45)

THe peace of paper origami.

chaguiboff from france (2008-02-20 10:21:25)

andrei shagibov sent an origami in the 2006 event
could I get in touch with him ?

usman from pakistan (2008-01-31 19:14:10)

i am usman and a big fan of origami.i saw your site and i will like to mention that it taught me the most.your basic's section is the best and your site is the best i have yet encountered but i am not such a good paper folder to apply all your designs i am also a big fan of ninjas and stuff and really like to make their origami weapons i tried the shuriken and kunai but what i am most fascinated is the katana.i had liked it for as long as i can remember but recently i found that there is a way to make a paper katana but i was not able to make it there are only one instruction set available as far as i know and it is very difficult for me.please now i would ask your help ,please can you check out this link try out the katana and post some easy-to-follow instructions or if you could please post a video and send a link i would be forever greatful please help i have been turned down many times by other peoples most never reply others turn me down please please help me please help me.
awaiting your reply

Fatima Granadeiro from PORTUGAL (2007-10-21 00:36:56)

Ill tried to develop The World Art project for children through Origami in the Portuguese school and I put an advertisement in my blog, but I didnt get many answers.
Best wishes

Fatima Granadeiro from PORTUGAL (2007-09-25 00:09:59)

Ill try to make some artwork with my students. I think that I had only to send you the picture in the Origami class.Did I need to send you the work done? Im looking forward for your reply. fg

Lyndzee Lawver from United States (2007-08-15 19:34:22)

I do origami every day and would love to participate e-mail back!

Victoria Serova from Russia (2007-08-14 08:29:57)

Thank You for mention my name as a participant of Origami Peace Tree project Brazil-2007. Unfortunately, my name writed without one cymbol: "Vitoria" instead of "Victoria". I will be very appreciate for You if You can fixing this bug. Thank You.

zinat from iran (2007-06-25 13:18:49)

hello Origami,I want to learn this art.thanks

David Eakins from Ireland (2007-06-16 12:45:00)

Congratulations on such a successful endeavour.

Rosa Barbarich from Australia (2007-05-12 21:55:14)

Dr Sr/Madam:Hi,I have love Origami for the last 52 years,after a friend in School show me how to fold my very first crane.I'm now 60 years old and I make cranes for children,because I love to see "the look of happiness in their eyes when they see that the wings actually can move!!!is like magic.Origami is like magic just from a little piece of paper you can make such beautiful things.
Thanks again for your work and I'm looking foward to 2009 when you will came to Australia.

Maria Marinheiro from Portugal (2007-05-08 21:27:53)

Hi! Id like to tell you that I love origami and last year I organized a peace tree at my school. Everyone at school folded cranes and we reached 1400, which was fantastic as my school has 800 only students. Now I'm trying to organize another peace tree project in my city.
Best regards

Marta de Tagata from Per (2007-05-04 19:40:13)

Dear Alex and Larissa Levashov, We, Asociacin Educativa ORIGAMI PERU wish to congratulate you for the success in your project. We participated in 2004 and hope to participate this year in Brazil. I also want to know what happenned to the WOW! What an Amazing World Project. I am interested in it.
Best wishes, Marta de Tagata

Nora Bentez from Colombia (2007-03-01 02:40:44)

Im a teacher. I'd like know more about your projet. I practice origami with my student and they learn geometry.

Cynthia Mercado from Manila, Philippines (2007-02-18 02:51:31)

Thanks for the information about the origami and i am very glad that great number of people all over the world are taking care of the environment especially, "TREES"!

lee Schang from France (2007-02-13 21:35:19)

Je souhaiterais participer cette manisfestation, o pourais-je avoir une famille Franco-polonaise, qui puisse m'acceuillir, pour partager avec vous cette manisfestation.
Merci de me rpondre en franais, je ne parle et cris que le franais.
Je fais de l'origami depuis prs de50 ans,et suis quand mme encore un dbutant...
Bravo pour cette initiative, et partage avec le coeur cette joie et cette attrait qu'est l'origami.

meri affranchino-Origami Rosario from Argentina (2007-02-10 17:17:43)

Dear Origami Peace Tree organizers,
We are members of Asociacin C.H.I.C.O.S (Con Hondo Inters Comunitario Obramos Solidariamente), located in Rosario, Argentina. We work in a social and communitary mission with the purpose of training and educating boys and girls who usually live in the streets.
We have been doing a social and public act already for 9 years, trying to bring the message for peace. With this main idea, we make anual Origami workshops in wich, among others things, we make cranes that we hoist in public places in our city every August 6th. . This act is growing every year with new children and adults and also other organizations who join us. If you can see all this in the pictures from our last act 2006 Thousand cranes for Peace give me a mail and I send the page link
As soon as we have known about your proyect, we thought that it deserves all our support and we also believe that if we join our efforts, the results will bring benefits to this concern that we share. Working for peace is worth working together with all our resources; therefore, we would like that you consider the posibility of placing the Origami Peace Tree 2008 in Rosario, Argentina.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours sincerely,
Meri Affranchino, Marcela Lapenna, Nadia Gasparn,
Asociacin C.H.I.C.O.S

Kranti Banny from India - Pune (2006-12-05 07:04:43)

We want to organise an origami workshop for kids in Pune - Kindly ask your Pune branch office to get in touch with me or you could give me a contact number if possible.

Anna Mey from Brasil (2006-11-30 13:14:54)

Hey Alex,

in Brasil:

a pig - oinc-oinc
a dog - au-au
a cat - miau
a horse - hiiinch
a rooster - ccric
a hen - c-c-c
a duck - qua-qua
a goose - ?
a turkey - glu-glu-glu
a cow - muuuuuuuu
a ram - m
a crow - no crows in Brazil
a mouse - ?


Anna Mey

PS: We speak Portuguese in Brazil

cheryl schellenberg from usa (2006-11-03 21:49:47)

Hi. I am a teacher. I have art students kinder to 6th grade who are woking on a project called "peace trees,"and I saw your website. We are havong a school show this early Dec. Can you please send me more information and your patterns? I am very excited about your orginization. Looking forward to knowing you more. Cheryl

Theodore Taylor from Ghana, West Africa (2006-09-13 09:23:23)

Dear sir/madam.
I am craft-man from ghana i will like to take part any of your upcoming show.
thank you,
your's faithful Theodore taylor

AKOSILE TAIWO from NIGERIA. (2006-07-06 15:16:58)

i will be happy if you can give me some details about international artworks exhibiton. i mean i will like to attend any international exhibition because i am an artist.

prisicila from argentina (2006-07-06 00:26:23)

quiero aprender a hacer origami

juan angel soler candia from paraguay (2006-06-08 00:53:04)

me gustaria saber mas el arte de doblar el papel y donde conseguir materiales en paraguy

Galeria Art-Works Barcelona from Spain (2006-05-12 11:23:16)

Calle Paradis 3
08002 Barcelona; Espaa

Galera Art-Works ha sido nombrada recientemente miembro de ISA INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF ARTIST gracias a su inters tanto por promover y difundir el arte como por su apoyo a artistas de todo el mundo. Galera Art-Works es nica en Espaa distinguida como mimbro de dicha sociedad.

Fundada en Octubre del ao 2005 en Barcelona. Con un enfoque cien por ciento a promover el arte en toda la comunidad, su fundador tiene la visin de hacer llegar el arte a toda la gente que gusta de este, en Galera Art-Works es posible obtener obras originales a precio asequibles para el publico en general estimulando as el arte tanto entre coleccionistas como en aquellas personas que inician su intromisin en este fascinante mundo.

La Galera pone en contacto directo artistas internacionales con el pblico, mismo que puede preguntar sobre las diversas obras e incluso discutirlas con el artista quien a su vez promueve directamente su obra.

Galera Art-Works promueve y ofrece a los amantes del arte la oportunidad de ver reunidas obras tanto de artistas de renombre a nivel internacional como de nuevos talentos artsticos de todo el mundo exponiendo sus obras de forma permanente, de esta manera los nuevos talentos pueden ser reconocidos al exponer en la misma plataforma con artistas de renombre y, el publico tiene una gama diversa de arte moderno y contemporneo.

Galera Art/Works es nica respecto a su calidad y, variedad de obras. Es un espectculo visual con obras llenas de vida, emocin y pasin. Diversidad de tendencias, contenidos, estilos y, propuestas creativas se encuentran en la galera la cual cuenta actualmente con obras de arte moderno y contemporneo de los siguientes artistas

Cathy Jackson from united states (2006-05-05 02:04:56)

i love origami i wich to now more

Carrie Wickham from Canada (2006-04-24 20:02:04)

I am delighted to have discovered your site. I am a textile artist who will be teaching hand-printing to children this coming July. I thought Origami would be an excellent avenue to showcase the children's hand-printed papers. Now I see that Origami may be the invitation to a world peace movement that is in it's very nature peaceful and engaging, while providing a universal form of silent communication.

Fatima Granadeiro from PORTUGAL (2006-04-02 02:13:52)

We are thinking in having a Peace Tree in September.Can you send me same advice for a suceful project.(m folding for 20 years and I met same friends in AEP,BOS and CDO)

Leo from U.S.A (2006-03-10 14:57:08)

I love Origami very much because it shows another form of art.

Ahmad from Palestine (2006-03-09 14:48:25)

we hope to all people in the world happy life , life full of peace and love and brotherhood not Voltair to say philosophy of liberation , but also as palestinian sing for peace and mercy for all creatures

Meenu Bali from India (2005-12-07 10:32:41)

Origami for world peace may just be a drop in the ocean given the current world scenario and we may have "miles to fold before the Peace" yet we"ll fold on forever! Working towards OPT 2006 in Mumbai next month.

hari kumar dhakal from nepal (2005-11-17 15:10:07)

i studied your website.i am very intrested to join with you from nepal.i have also a org names world peace propagation forum(wppf)nepal.our activities is same as you. so please i want to be in cintack with you

alexandre berta malheiros from brasil (2005-11-05 23:57:44)

Amo origami. Aqui em minha cidade e nas cidades vizinhas, divulgo e ensino gratuitamente a arte do origami.Vejo o origami como arte promotora da paz mundial, atravs da historia de sadako. BEIJOS E MUITO BOA SORTE NO SEU EMPREENDIMENTO!

hozman reina from colombia (2005-11-02 23:49:04)

hola como estan espero que esten muy bien y que sigan en la lucha en contra de la guerra
todos creen que colombia es un pais donde nose puede vivir tranquilo pero no es asi me gustaria que un dia viniera y conocieran la asociacin bogotana de origami y conocieran las personas que la conforman y vieran los modelos que hemos plegado y creado.
mi telefono es 7327914 en bogota el indicativo es 01
chao espero que que sigan en esa lucha y nunca dejen de plegar

Dana from Australia (2005-10-06 03:44:13)

I wish to recommend the above Origami website by David Petty, for your list of websites - it contains a wide and clearly organised collection of traditional origami models, to download as PDF files.

Oxana Gladum from Moldova (2005-10-01 19:40:17)

Dear colleagues,

Community Centre for Children and Young People in partnership with the ORIGAMI Centre from Moldova organize activities for children with special
education needs. It is important to mention that ORIGAMI is a really efficient method of bringing
children together and developing their creativity, communication and intelligence in general.

All the best,

MOTIVATION Moldova Association
Traian 23/1, MD-2060, Chisinau
Republic of Moldova

Nicolae from Moldova (2005-09-27 13:08:39)

It is nice to see how people are using ORIGAMI as a mothod of integration. We try to do the same for our children with disabilities. Thanks.

Frank Johnson from United States (2005-09-16 13:12:46)

Good Service

Sophie Ahmed from Mumbai 400 050. INDIA (2005-09-15 07:03:16)

Surfing for Origami Peace Project, 2006, and came across our beautiful, informative website. Quite excited about the Festival in our city. Anyway we can help.
CHILDREN'S ORIGAMI CENTRE - 8 to 80! the making

E Cooper from Spain (2005-09-06 14:33:22)

I just surfed in google and came across your website. Nice informative site, well written, easy to navigate. Enjoyed your site very much!Great work...

Andrew from USA (2005-09-06 01:15:13)

I like the site pretty tidy.

Cooperativa Paraguay from Assumption Paraguay (2005-08-21 13:23:15)


Curriculum de Hurard claude
Paraguai Py Mercosur Asuncion Business Paraguay webmarketing

Arth Vandelay from USA (2005-08-20 10:47:35)

Fine website. I will visit again.

Josie from Australia (2005-08-18 11:22:37)

How does this web-site teach young kids how to do Origami????


Kind regards josie

A. Montero from Canada (2005-08-17 17:36:51)

"Great project" This is what we need
world peace....God Bless everyone.

Dinisile Qap from South Africa (2005-08-17 17:15:29)

I want to learn oragami

govind gopal kulkarni, oribaba-- the origamist & kaagaz ka karigar!!! from india (2005-08-15 16:12:30)

i love origami, i teach origami, origami is my life- line. through origami i have seen many changes in people. origami can only bring peace, progress & prosperity in the world.

jiawei ޱ from China (2005-08-13 12:37:59)

I love origami.I will bookmark for my sons to view , I want to learn oragami

Lilia Sokolova from Moldova (2005-08-06 18:47:22)

Your site is very nice, we like it a lot. The works of July are also praiseworthy. We will continue to send other works for your project! Best regards!

Paul Hanson from England (2005-08-03 23:43:31)

This is all very good work, I like the idea of putting the origami models in a setting, with a background.

Rita Foelker from Brazil (2005-07-31 14:50:58)

You all made very nice jobs.
I think that color and texture are very important resources to be applied on origami constructions. That's my suggestion for your future creations, because you are great folders and may be even better.

Nick Robinson from England (2005-07-31 09:57:28)

Wonderful work - congratulations to all involved

marc from germania (2005-07-21 09:09:02)

nice site well done - greets from munich - marc

Frantiek G. from Czech Republic (2005-07-21 09:05:34)

I know the fairy tail about Colobok (Koblek in Czech), but the end is completely new for me ;-))
Agreeable idea, have a nice trip, Colobok!

nirmal from india (2005-07-04 11:02:39)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an artist by profession and while searching for art trade fairs on Internet I came to know about your trade fair. I am very much keen to visit and exhibit my paintings in up coming event. So please tell me what kind of terms and conditions I will have to fulfill to participate in this event.

Also please tell me about all the expenditures, whatsoever can be occurred for this whole procedure.

I shall be very thankful to you for your kind act in this regard please.

Seeking an early and positive reply in this regard.

Thanking you.

(Nirmal Singh)

clarence tan from singapore (2005-07-04 05:37:17)

thx 4 letting me joining into this profect..but...i need 2 noe what can be done with origami.

jassu from Korea (2005-06-24 11:14:29)

I'm waiting this world-peace-origami page for a long time.
I meet many friends all over the world, even I'm in my home, in my country!
Internet can do these things.
Now we all together hand in hand with the origami.
Thanks for the OPT Levashov family.
Gratz again!

laila from argentina (2005-06-16 16:24:49)

hey! congratulations! i love this page and your project... i also love origami.. so.. good luck!.. i so happy to know them..

Irena Kowalczyk from POLAND (2005-06-16 16:23:46)

A very nice project!I like origami, a in teacher in a school in CHORZOW. My students would be interested to send some of the models they have folded in class. Best greetings.

KyeeKan from Myanmar (2005-06-16 03:43:45)

The origami peace tree fresh 4ever. with best wishes.

alfonce from canada (2005-06-05 03:56:24)

i want to learn oragami

George Ho from Australia (2005-06-02 16:15:21)

Wish you every success for the Origami Peace Tree project.

May peace be with you.

George Ho
Website--Origami & Mental Health Therapy

ONYE EZE from USA (2005-06-01 17:13:27)


Govinda Prasad Sah 'Azad' from Nepal (2005-05-31 11:47:11)

Dear Sir/Madam
I am doing world peace through painting with slogan "21st Century is the Century of Art and Peace" from !999. I was commited Over Nepal and India, Bangladesh, Germany. I am searching support for go more deeply and continue. Have also suporting UN Peace painting workshop as coordinate in Nepal under the UN/SPDI organize.
Well I like to requist you to visite my website and study then decide for me. Here is my web
Sincerely yours
Govinda Azad
e-mail :-

Zelda from USA (2005-05-27 19:22:55)

~Cute site~

Silvia M. Aristizabal Duarte. from Colombia. (2005-05-25 22:01:56)

i want to know how to do origami figures.

steven malar from united states (2005-05-20 04:50:12)

i enjoy origami and would like to know more about this project . please write back to me about the origami peace tree.

julia l. (2005-05-08 08:27:32)

a really good site for people wanting to make origami art.

Paul Wishart from Scotland (2005-04-26 20:15:34)

I remember Aleksandrr Levashov on a tanker loading crude oil at Flotta.
I am impressed with his work.

Wish you all the best.

Jennie from Canada (2005-04-19 02:12:39)

My sister and I love origami a lot and been making lots of different things. Thank you Alex for sending me an e mail

tom from Austria 2005 Grafenegg (2005-04-14 13:10:04)

A very nice project! Good work !

By the way, if you have time to visit austria:

A new exhibition with a very interesting sight!
Starts in Austria, Castle Grafenegg 2005

reiko from japan (2005-04-14 08:49:28)

I knew this HP today and am excited!
I often think to want to do something for wolrd peace using origami.
But it's too big thing for me.
I didn't know what I can do.
I really like your work
and want to meet people who loves origami!

jassu from Korea (2005-04-06 03:05:45)

I heard the news OPT supported by UNESCO. Wow! Congratulations! I'll try more and more Koreans join this worldwide bueatiful art festival!

Carmen Anzi from Canada (2005-04-03 05:33:44)

Congratulations, I love it very much. I really appreciate your work here, I think it will serve to many for inspiration and as a good information source.

Wendy from USA (2005-03-31 18:04:44)

~Great site~ :)

Rita Foelker from Brazil (2005-03-29 15:25:05)

Congratulations! I hope the Project can go on for years and years.
I invite you to visit my page - Super Origami - where you'll read about 2005 Germany Festival (in portuguese). This is the adress:

Jennie from Canada (2005-03-16 21:18:16)

I love origami. At this very moment me and my younger siblings are making different animals and boxes inspired to us by books that we have found in the public library in peterbrough. WE love exploring in paper of animal world and see how they turn out when you have finished. We start out making a waterlily but I turned it into a small flower. The art of paper folding is very peaceful because we can try to help each other out and enjoy our time with each other. It sort of like bonding with each other. But without knowing it. We might even create our own little gallery for others in our family to enjoy and amaze. It is sometimes very frusterating when you don't get the folds right. Well that is praciticlly our afternoon. Chaio.

Dinh Tuan Kiet from VietNam (2005-03-14 06:17:05)

I like origami

Henrry Delgado from Bolivia (2005-03-02 00:12:05)

Hola queridos amigos de Origami Peace Tree quiero mandarles muchos saludos de parte de todos los mienbros de Henchia Origami y que si brillando mas cada dia este gran proyecto.

Henrry Delgado
Henchiai Origami

J.V.Page from INDIA (2005-02-24 11:47:53)

Kawasaki rose folded by me is already sent to you for this year. We should do something more to bring all origamist together.

yakup from turkey (2005-02-19 12:30:00)

hi, i m an elemantary education teacher in turkey i wanted an organization in here too but i couldnot sponsored so i had to gave up. in april i think to make an exhibition (especially for kids) so i would like you to send me models if its possible for you and where ever you live in the world. i think to exhibit them with my models that i ve done them with the diagrams from internet i thank all of you from now on. take care and fold anytime. happy foldings.
my adress:
yakup oflar
vali orhan isin
ilkogretim okulu
30000 hakkari

Ann Fiegen from USA (2005-02-06 18:27:58)

I am a High School student in St. Paul, Minnesota. I have enjoyed origami for since my very first crane. I just discovered your site, and I am inspired by your project and your message of peace. I would love to participate and contribute, and even get my school and community involved. Is it as easy as "fold and send"? Can I educate others about the project and ask tehm to contribute origami figures to the cause? Once I have collected lots, to whom do I send them? I am sorry to learn that I just missed the USA-hosted Festival. Could I collect and send origami figures to the next festival host? Who would that be? And are there any requiremtns I should know about?
I am enthusiastic about contributing to your goals of world-wide art and peace. Please let me know what I can do to help!

Adeyemi Mosoba Michael from Nigeria (2005-02-04 18:17:46)

l really appreciate all your effort in the process of preaching peace to the world.more grease to your elbow."preach love to let peace be"

Dr Ngbada Maga from Nigeria (2005-01-27 17:14:24)

thank you very much for organizing this nice project! Happy folding and a lot of success! Evi

WAI WAI THWIN from Myanmar (2005-01-19 00:10:27)

How are you? Sorry for my absent. Happy New Year. I would like to send you my model but it's not OK to post. But I'm trying this. I have the case. I'm producing & distribution Origami Paper in Myanmar as making the business for 1 year. Now the old woman said Origami is hers (Such as she published Origami Books and the folding guides in these books are hers. Anyone can copied. If the guides are the same, she sue the one who copied guides.). So I'm trying to produce better my all products about Origami and my labour was out. So I was busy. Now I have new labours and I'm preparing for Valentine Gifts, New Origami design. I would like to get the folding guide "Heart with the wings". So if you don't mind, pls let me know how to get this. Thank you very much.

pedrito F. agsalud, Jr. from philippines (2005-01-15 09:40:10)

peace be with you

basith from india (2005-01-07 13:22:40)

the project is really a worthfull project. shall i join this project? if so please mail me the procedure for joining

kuldip from india (2004-12-29 16:51:21)

hey ,

we all set to hold the OPT in India next year hope to see u all ...

happy folding .

regards kuldip

Chris Williams from UK (2004-12-27 21:05:56)

Cool site

Benoit Gabriel from Finland (2004-12-23 20:55:20)

I want to gratulate you on your great project! Keep going, and have faith!

Best wishes, Benoit

Nadine Sanchez from USA (2004-12-12 01:40:38)

I am teach Spanish and Dance at Mountain English Spanish Academy in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. I am very interested in Origami. Please let me know what we can do!. Thanks, Nadine

Nadine Sanchez
Mountain English Spanish Academy
2300 E. 6th St.
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004

Adrian Rus from Romania (2004-11-30 13:28:10)

I am an art teacher from Romania, and I teach children Origami so.We are in Cluj- Napoca city. We want to take part to your festival in 2005 . What shall we do ?

OGULALA JUDE from NIGERIA (2004-11-25 18:22:39)

I and our ecoflag team want to be part of the peace movement and we will love to take to all the parts of nigeria for awareness on peace,feel free to get in touch .Jude Ogulala -Nigeria

David A. Sexton II from USA (2004-11-16 21:02:39)

Great site I want to be part of this
I often use the closing
Peace to all mankind.

Miguel Angel Cadima Terrazas from Bolivia (2004-10-24 05:57:52)

Hola a todos, que bien que su arbol siga creciendo, yo tuve la gracia de encontrarme con l.

Rev. Michael F.Agbabiaje from Nigeria (2004-10-20 00:41:13)

We love you passion for peace with the way you designed to approach it. Ours is on peace education. We are in partnership with you to be your representate in Nigeria. SEEK FOR PEACE AND PORSUE IT.

Marta de Tagata from Per (2004-10-19 05:08:28)

Dear Barbara,and Levashov family,
In name of ORIGAMI PERU, we wish to send you greetings for this wonderful event. It seems you have a very good participation, so success is guaranteed.
May Peace and Love Prevail on Earth.

jonathan huarhua g from peru (2004-10-18 03:31:17)

primero felicitar a los organizadores de este evento,bueno me despido dando las gracias por todo.

Ms. Wai Wai Thwin from Myanmar (2004-10-12 04:42:51)

Dear Sir/Madam
I would like to send you my new model"Pyit Taing Htaung", Myanmar Traditionl doll. But I have difficult to contact Sorry for my late. Pls give me instruction to contact and send easily to there.

Denise from USA (2004-09-29 19:39:07)

Cute site :)

Dzhervan Zyryanov from Samarkand, Uzbekistan (2004-09-15 18:30:23)

I sincerly hope you can spread not only origami but true meaningof peace from your project. I wish you all the best along with prayers of peace.


vicki from united states of america (2004-09-12 19:59:23)

hey my chuch is making 1000 cranes and i want to know if we could send them to you f if you have a tree or something in japan. just a question

IMO OWERRI from UK (2004-09-10 10:56:46)


Tom from The Netherlands (2004-08-10 01:24:17)

Hello Alex, my compliments for your nice website!
Please come see my website and photos sometime?
Best regards from Tom.

Alexandre e Andra from Brazil (2004-08-08 15:36:57)

Congratulations for this great project.

Best regards,

Alexandre and Andra

bruno ferraz from rio de janerio - Brazil (2004-08-08 07:58:56)

Of course I will participe on the peace tree. I will send my and others people origami!!

bruno ferraz

yakup oflar from Turkey (2004-07-23 14:39:13)

hi, im an origami lover and i ve given course about origami in my faculty for two seasons when i was student there also i made an exhibition in my faculty. i love origami but i need more about it im just an ameteur. i would love to meet people who loves origami and i would like to get help from them.

Ms. Wai Wai Thwin from Myanmar (2004-07-22 15:36:50)

Hello Mr. Alex Levashov

Thanks for your mail. I strated my business on Jan-04. It is just a very small business. I'm introducing origami in Myanmar. I make the paper design or coloured by myself. My business name is "Young Star Fashion " Origami Paper Production. Selling Price of 20 Sheets is 400 kyats, equivalet to about 0.25 USD, 50 Sheets is 700 kyats, equivalent to about 0.5 USD. Is it cheap, or not? Thank you for your wish, and I'll try my best for origami. I'm trying to produce new origami design, it is our traditional toy. If I got it, I'll sent to you it. I want to participate in OP
T project but I still have little fund to celebrating. Whatever, I'll try. I'm glad to know you and Thanks for your idea and comments.
Wai Wai Thwin

Ms. Wai Wai Thwin from Myanmar (2004-07-12 15:16:25)

Hello Mr.Alex Levashov
I've read your mail & sorry for late reply. In our country, Origami is not developing. I'm very intereste in Origami. And I make the color paper myself for my interest and folding these paper. So I got the idea to produce Origami paper. and I made the small business of origami paper production. I'm the first manufacturer of origami paper in Myanmar. so I faced many difficult such as paper choicing, origami book, and so on. I'm only 24 years old and I haven't got much money to produce mass production.
My cousin send me Origami book from Japan. In our country, these are so rare and expensive. so I visit your website and learn about Origami & thanks to your website and for your interest to me.
Would you mind guiding me about Origami and Paper.

Best wishes
Ms. Wai Wai Thwin

What I Be from The Netherlands (2004-07-11 21:18:42)

Hi to all nice peaceloving people : )
This is a great project!
Peace takes just one piece of paper...
Keep on moving!
What I Be

WAI WAI THWIN from MYANMAR (2004-06-26 11:14:52)


Hrushikesh Sabnis from India (2004-06-08 12:35:18)

I am writing on behalf of our Origami Group from India called "Origami Mitra".

We would like to, if we want to arrange the OPT Festival in India then what are the formalities and your requirements.

Pl. provide us some more information on the OPT festival so that we can discuss amongst our group and consider the proposal to arrange it maybe in 2005.


Pune, India

hawkins from usa (2004-05-19 11:35:08)

love the site

Dmitry Gonchar from Russia (2004-05-11 14:23:35)

Invitation to participate in Origami Peace Tree project now placed on my home page (in Russian). Also You can find on it pages database of russian origami journal (two variant: rus and rus-eng).
Whole kinds!

Ms SOPHIE AHMED from INDIA (2004-05-11 06:43:41)

Kindly enroll me as a member of your Peace Tree Project if you have a Membership. I have a passion for the art of Origami since my young days. As a Middle School teacher in Bombay and Tehran, both pupils and I enjoyed the art in the classroom. 'Conduct'informal
workshops with all sorts and sizes of groups, from student teachers to children from low-socio economic strata.
Memorable workshops in Santiago, Chile (OMEP 2001) and school children in the only school in Easter Island!
Shortly to open the Children's Origami Centre - 8 to 80!
Wish to participate in your Peace Tree Project. Tell us how.
Many thanks for your beautiful site! Sophie.
MUMBAI 400 050 (Bombay)

Kazuko Koyama from Japan (2004-05-08 17:55:32)

I wish you all the best for your project.

Kazuko Koyama
Staff, Hiroshima Interpreters for Peace(HIP)

Hinako Yamazaki from Japan (2004-05-08 17:53:15)

We hope you will have a successful festival.

Sincerely yours,

Hinako Yamazaki

Hiroshima Peace Institute
Hiroshima City University

jassu from Korea (2004-04-10 12:26:33)

Hi all I have a good news.
Today I prepare the exhibition April 12~18. Tomorrow I finish preparind and Monday, people will see our great origami models.
I'll picture them and upload on the line.
Give me good luck please!

The Webmaster from Austria (2004-04-07 15:28:32)

Because we changed our Guestbook, the dates for all past messages have the wrong dates.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kelvin Thomas from USA (2004-04-07 15:22:11)

It is a joy to find your website. I was reseaching Jonathan Baxter when I found your site. After recieving the disturbing news about him not being able to return to America, I was able to smile again knowing that Origami lost a little but still has allot.
Keep your work going,
You will make a difference.

Akira Yoshizawa from Japan (2004-04-07 15:21:43)

Dear the Levashov,

It is so good to know that you all are working very hard for the Art and Peace in the future.

Through folding the paper, Origami is expected and accepted by the people in the world to grow into a new figurative art.

The figures formed by following precise folding lines (expressing both living creatures in the nature and mental images in variety of realistic and abstractive forms) have made it possible for Origami rise to be the Art recognized.

Many people impressed and moved by the genuine works of Origami which are bases of the contemporary Origami, and which will be valued more as classics in the future, gathered together to organize the groups and associations in the various countries. Through these groups, I have spread the beauty and joy of Origami into the hearts of people in the world.

Sincerely yours,
Akira Yoshizawa
International Origami Society

Catherine J.Rankin from Canada (2004-04-07 15:21:25)

This project certainly sounds exciting.
Promoting world peace through the use of art, particularly Origami, is an excellent idea.
I wish you every success in your endeavours.


Catherine J.Rankin
Curriculum and Assessment Policy Branch
Ministry of Education,
Ontario, Canada

Ahn Jimin from Korea (2004-04-07 15:20:56)

Hi. my name is Ahn jimin()
I'm living korea.
And I'm a girl. ^ - ^
Oh. do you know 2002 soccer world cup?
It is korea's holding.
but idon't soccer. I like Origami.
origami is fun. very very fun.

Carlos Genova from Brasil (2004-04-07 15:20:15)

Beautiful project
I'll be sending something soon.

Lim Sung Hwan from South Korea (2004-04-07 15:19:30)

I think this project is great for give children to participate something that releated to world peace. I already recommanded this project to student of my class(at elementary school in seoul)and will recommand again next year. good luck to the future of this great happy project!!

Jennifer from Australia (2004-04-07 15:19:02)

Your website is great, I want to participate now! The program sounds good, I hope your next project is just as succsessful!

Annie Hillar from USA (2004-04-07 15:18:34)

On behalf of the Global Fund for Women, I thank you for sharing your valuable work with us. It was a privilege to learn about the Origami Peace
Tree, and we wish you every success in your endeavors.


Annie Hillar
Program Officer

Mandar S. Valdya from India (2004-04-07 15:18:02)

Your eagerness towards World Peace & Origami will help this World to be Peaceful.
Origami Fans Club Of India, Kolhapur.

Gerwin Sturm from Austria (2004-04-07 15:17:44)

Hello! I just wanted to say that I am very happy to be able to be part in this project.
It was a great honour for me to design the webpage of the project.
I wish you good luck with your project in the future.

Rhea J. Mateo from Philippines (2004-04-07 15:17:26)

I am a Filipina and have stayed in Jpan for six years a few years ago. I have folded more than a thousand cranes and it would be nice if i can fold a thousand origami butterflies. I plan to make a collage of one thousand cranes and have it framed. Now I am thinking of the doing the same thing for the butterflies. I would to like to have more information regarding your project. Please include me in your mailing list if you have one. I'll be glad to send you some pictures of my creations in the future. Domo arigato gozaimasu. Maraming Salamat. MABUHAY and greetings from the PHILIPPINES

Natalie Bandele' from USA (2004-04-07 15:16:54)

O ha y go za i ma su everyone!
I am very pleased to here about this peace project. I can only pray that this is a way to bridge the gap between so many different cultures and to come to terms that we are all one.

Ruth Eisenmenger from Germany (2004-04-07 15:16:17)

ich bin total begeistert und mich interessiert mich sehr, daran teilzunehmen an diesem so wunderbaren Projekt:der Friedensbaum. Ich falte seit einigen Jahren und habe ganz viel Freude mit diesem so wunderschönen Hobby: der jap. Papierfaltkunst.

Herzliche Faltgrüsse
Ruth Eisenmenger

UNESCO (2004-04-07 15:15:23)

Your project Origami 2004 (Korea/USA) is an excellent initiative that ties in with UNESCO's programme on creativity and arts

I am sending a copy of your message and of my reply to Ms Basma Irsheid, Programme Specialist in the Honorary and Goodwill Ambassadors Unit and to the UNESCO Representative in Moscow.

Kind regards,

Loreto Vargas (Ms)
Division of Arts and Cultural Enterprise
Sector for Culture

THE EMBASSY OF JAPAN IN RUSSIA from Japan (2004-04-07 15:14:56)

Dear Mr. Levashov,

The Embassy of Japan is thanking you and your family for the interest in the art of Origami.
We wish to all of you a great success for festivals of the World Origami Peace Tree Garden project in Korea and in USA in 2004.

We wish you the further development of the Origami Peace Tree movement.

Sincerely yours,
The Department of information
The Embassy of Japan

Oh, Kyu-Seak from Korea (2004-04-07 15:14:27)

I'm glad to open the 2004 OPT project. I believe it will
become a good rememberance to us. I'll do my best.
And how about 'The Paradise for the Children'?
Is it suitable? (It's my idea ^^)
Many children in Korea like to play 'papa-mama role play'
so I prepare origami things such as TV, frying pan,
table, electronic fan, book, doll, ect.
Oh, they also love to fold animals and flowers.
Maybe your children are the same. ^^
Please leave your idea in this Guestbook or e-mail to me.

Origami Designs from USA (2004-04-07 15:13:28)

I posted in Nov of 2002, & am returning today in complete support of this project. Thank You keeping me on your email/updates list. Origami Designs would very much like to host & organizie a Peace Tree Project in the US in 2005. Reading the questbook entries, is moving & inspiring. Sharing origami to promote peace in our world is a gift to the world. Thank you, and peace to you and those who participate in upcoming peace tree projects.

Fratnicek Grebenieek from Czech Republic (2004-04-07 15:12:59)

Your project is very interesting. "Origami Olympic Games" is a great idea.
Best regards
Frantisek Grebenicek
(the Czech Origami Society)

Mari Kanegae from Brazil (2004-04-07 15:12:24)

I think your idea is very interesting !

Dotothy Kaplan from USA (2004-04-07 15:12:00)

I am interested in this project. It sounds wonderful. ....Dorothy Kaplan

Kye-Soek Oh from Korea (2004-04-07 15:11:30)

Hi. Nice to meet you all. I love Origmi for years. This project seems very nicely, because people all over the world are having the same thought, we are all friends in Origami. Crane has the same shape regardless of whoever folded it. Isn't it?

Maxine N.Dickerson from USA (2004-04-07 15:10:55)


My name is Maxine N. Dickerson and I was surfing the internet and saw
your info, I am a self-taught origamist and would love to donate some of my
art work to the Peace Tree.
I would love to become a part
of the Peace tree,

I sent 1000 cranes to New York City Mayor in memory of WTC Attack,
Also I have taught children and adults how to make hearts and cranes and frogs , I love this lovely art that God has blessed me with,

God bless you all!!

Office of Canadian Heritage from Canada (2004-04-07 15:10:13)

Some of the work featured on your Web site is truly remarkable.You must be proud of your accomplishments in this regard of the worldwide support by various countries for your project.

Ilker from Turkey (2004-04-07 15:09:50)

hello,i am so new this art but i hope you help me to improve at origami

Tutty Garcia from Venezuela (2004-04-07 15:09:22)

This is a grat project.
I would like to know how can
we participate, in order to
do an integrated unit with
schools and institutions
children. Thanks

Josh Disraeli from USA (2004-04-07 15:08:35)

Hi, I am an elementary school teacher in Southern California.
I am doing an integrated unit using origami as a medium to facilitate core curriculum.
I'd like to know if this project is ongoing and if so, how we can participate.

Thank you very much,

Josh, Santa Barbara, CA

Nicolas Terry from France (2004-04-07 15:08:18)

Your project was and is beautiful !

Design in Origami
Nicolas Terry

Penny Milton from Canada (2004-04-07 15:08:01)

Mr.Aleksandr Levashov,
a member of CEA IN 2001-2002



Each year the Canadian Education Association (CEA)
honours a person or team who has made a noteworthy contribution to
educational research in our country.
Through this award, the CEA celebrates the important
contribution of research in increasing our knowledge and understanding of
Canadian education.

I invite you to nominate a candidate for the2003
CEA-Whitworth Award for Educational Research. Information on thenomination procedure
and criteriais available the CEA Web site. Please ensure that the
required information for each nomination is provided (see item III).

All nomination forms and supporting documentation should
be returned to the CEA office byApril 30, 2003. A sub-committee of
the CEA Research Steering Committee has been appointed to review all
nominations and make the final decision.

Penny MiltonChief Executive Officer

Ashley Stanfield from USA (2004-04-07 15:07:42)

Dear Larissa, Aleksandr and Anastasia Levashov:

I am a Cadette Girl Scout in the USA. I live in Fontana, California. We are
located north of San Bernardino County. My troop is always looking for great
activities to do. I read about your Origami Peace Tree Project and we would
like to participate. To earn one of my interest patches I had to teach my
fellow Girl Scouts what Origami was and we made some designs. Alex Barber's
Origami Site was very helpful and taught me many new designs. It is here that
I read about your project. Please send me information on how we can
contribute to your 2003 or 2004 Origami Peace Tree Project.
Thank You
Ashley Stanfield

Anna from Australia (2004-04-07 15:07:13)

Fantastic project. Peace is worth working for. Keep it up

Harumi from Argentina (2004-04-07 15:06:53)

I really like the project. Good luck! Peace!

Stephane Boderau from France (2004-04-07 15:06:33)

Congratulations for your initiative. Good luck with the project...
Toutes mes felicitations pour votre excellente initiative. Bonne continuite ...

Shingo Annen (2004-04-07 15:06:04)

Dear Respectful members of the Origami Community,

my name is Shingo Annen (Shing02), a Japanese artist residing in Oakland, CA.

Here is a link to my project, Operation Peace Crane, a new movement to
spread the camouflage origami crane.
I believe it is a cool way to promote peace, visually and creatively.
Please spread the word, any support would be much appreciated!
I would be happy to contribute resources as well.

One for the Cause.

peace, shing02

Stephen Watson from England (2004-04-07 15:05:37)

I have been folding paper for more than 30 years and I never thought that origami could be used in such a wonderful and thoughtful way. May I wish you sucess in your quest.

Love and peace to you all

Larissa from Russia (2004-04-07 15:05:09)

Alex Levashov !

On the 19th of February, 2003 ......


We’d like to wish you to be healthy and wealthy !
We wish success for your baby, your “ The Origami Peace Tree Project” !
A lot of people have already said it’s a great idea, the above project.

We love you !
Yours Larissa, Stassy, Malish

Ellen Maisen from USA (2004-04-07 15:04:48)

Dear Friends,
What a wonderful project! It is delightful to know that you have accomplished so much and brought friends together from all over the world. Please let me know of the next exhibition and I will ask students at the middle school where I teach to make origami for you. I will teach them how to make the figures that I have learned.

The best of good fortune in bringing even more participation!

Valda Brechmanis from New Zealand (2004-04-07 14:58:03)

An interesting project and I wish you all the very best with future endeavours. I came to the page by doing a search on my family name and found a namesake among your members. If possible I would be interested in communicating with that person via email. I would also like information on the tree for next year. Thanks and all the best.

Barbara Turner from USA (2004-04-07 14:46:28)

This is a great site, and more it is a wonderful project! I am sorry I missed the 2002 tree but I wish to know how to participate in future projects.? I will put at link to this site on my site and encourage all to learn about your peace endeavors! Thank you again for this love and use of origami toward a peaceful effort for our world.

Alexander Rodriguer from Bogota, Columbia (2004-04-07 14:45:33)

To be grateful to you for to allow me to take part in your origami project. Thanks for send me a diploma I'm very impressed and grateful! If you need colaboration again... Count with my hands. An admirer and friend Alexander Rodriguez

Irene Fung from Montreal, Canada (2004-04-07 14:44:53)

Dear Ms. Larissa, Mr. Aleksandr and Ms. Anastasia Levashov, Thank you for the Diploma! and the photos of the Project! I'm happy to participate in this project! I hope that I can participate in your next project. We all love peace! Thanks for making this project! Lots of love, Irene Fung

Artur A. Prejna from USA (2004-04-07 14:44:32)

Greetings from Golden Key International Honour Society. I wish I had known about this sooner, so we could have gotten involved in this great project. Our organization at California State University, Los Angeles is one of 300 chapters worldwide and is dedicated to rewarding academic and personal excellence in college students as well as promoting altruistic conduct from the campus to international levels. Please email us and let us know when a similar project will be undertaken to raise awareness and promote peace in the world. The best of wishes to all participants and the creators of the Origami Peace Project.

Pierre Pelou from Switzerland (2004-04-07 14:43:58)

UNITED NATIONS OFFICE AT GENEVA, PALAIS DES NATIONS, EXHIBITS COMMITTEE..... Nul doute que cet art Origami constitue un enrichissement culturel tres remarquable. Je vous souhaite beaucoup de succes.... Le President Pierre Pelou

Astria Troost Faber from The Netherlands (2004-04-07 14:43:36)

Dear Larissa, Alex and Anastasia.Many thanks for your scertificate and brochure. I hope that your new international project will promote frienship, understanding and Peace between people of all countries. I wish you lots of success. With love from Astrid

Autumn Lerner from USA (2004-04-07 14:43:02)

Dear Levashovs
Civil Society International has included the Origami Center in our listing of NGOs in western Russia. Please take a look at the webpage we have posted for you and contact us if you would like CSI to update any information.
Thank You
Autumn Lerner
2929 NE Blakeley St.
Seattle, WA 98105
Tel: (206) 523-4755
Fax: (206) 523-1974

Estelle Nadau from France (2004-04-07 14:41:44)

Dear Mr.A.Levashov,
Good Luck with your project !
Yours sincerely

Estelle Nadau
Service de la communication
The Louvre, Paris, France

Akira Yoshizawa from Japan (2004-04-07 14:40:51)


Henrry N. Delgado A. from Bolivia (2004-04-07 14:40:25)

Of our biggest considerations and congratulations to the Origami Center of Novorossiysk for this project, foundation in the Promotion of The Peace in the Whole World", by means of this art-science we can diffuse the Origami. "Henchiai - Origami at the moment this working in the Diffusion and Promotion for oral means, writings and means television TV, showing the wealth that takes gets since in the Origami it is fruit of an open culture for everybody, at the moment it is a guided science but in the pedagogic, psychological, mathematical, architectural study, etc. since you had demonstrated that the Origami helps to stimulate the mental development, the children's fine motricidad, rheumatic problems in the hands of the old men in if it is wide the development of the Origami informing of these advances and others in the application of this art-science; as well as they have been carried out teaching volunteers from the Origami to nurseries, schools, old men groups, in a general vision and importance to our people. The Group Henchiai - Origami of South America's La Paz Bolivia, this very pleased in being able to participate in the development of this project with an end and objective of guiding the art of the Origami by means of the diffusion and promotion, we show the wealth of our town, our ecology for it a symbolism of peace among beings of this world where we don't care race, color of our skin, nationality, where we all are siblings and against any war against the humanity and to the ecological nature, hurting the roots of our planet Earth. Origami, Our motto: The world was made to create life, The human being has to create things for the world. We are sending 4 models of Origami according to the Project, The names of the participants that are who have designed and folding these figures make it with all the love for this art and the peace in this world in that we live: Henrry N. Delgado A. (Design and Folding ) Juan Manuel Lima Rivas (Design and Folding ) Fabian Palacios (Design and Folding ) Franz Palacios (Design and Folding ) It is a pleasure the power to share with all you and with the world by means of this connection Art-Science of the Origami to know the ecological nature, cultural of our Bolivian town, without but that to tell him says goodbye of you their sure friends and servants, hoping to have a contact presently and future. Sincerely, Henrry N. Delgado A. Juan Manuel Lima R.- President Juan Lima R.Manuel - Vice-president Origami, The world was made to create life, The human being has to create useful things for the world. (Henchiai)

K.Ide from Japan (2004-04-07 14:39:49)


I am wishing you success and prosperity in your creative International Origami Peace Tree Project.

Best wishes,
Attache, Culture and Information Department

Anneleen de Jong from Switzerland (2004-04-07 14:39:08)

This project, which includes people from many different countries, represents a very prestigious effort in spreading the message of Peace through the practice of Origami. We therefore regret to inform you that the calendar of cultural activities for the year 2002 does not leave many possibilities to house your exhibition. The cultural activities are all organized with the direct cooperation and under the patronage of the Permanent Missions to the United Nations office at Geneva. Let us thank you again for your initiative to enlarge the score of activities at the Palais des Nations and we wish you and all participants of the International Art Project "Origami Peace Tree" all the best for future exhibitions.
With my best regards

Anneleen de Jong
Cultural Activities co-ordinator

Liao Jing from China (2004-04-07 14:38:00)


Milton Bogossian from Brasilia (2004-04-07 14:37:32)

Dear Larissa Levashova we belong to the origamirio group-rio de janeiro /brasil. in order to participate of the origami.peace tree project 3 we hope this models will be,accepted and exibited in the event. [five models] sincerely milton bogossian

Henry Delgado from Bolivia (2004-04-07 14:37:06)


Juan Manuel Lima from Bolivia (2004-04-07 14:36:28)

We'll send our models for sure, it's a great global idea because in that tree all the countries will be just one, Best wishes to all the paperfolders.

John David from USA (2004-04-07 14:35:58)

Hi I am working on a project for school about origami.I hope your Peace Tree works out.

Jamshed D. Dastoor from India (2004-04-07 14:35:26)

Hello Alex, It was a surprise visiting your homepage. I remembered the dragon you made for me on my birthday. I am very impressed with your project and wish you and your family success in this endeavour. Jimmy

Lizzie from USA (2004-04-07 14:35:01)

I LOVE your project it is so cool. Good Luck. Wishing you alot of health and alot of wealth. Happy Folding. P.S.Art + Education = Origami- A true fact.

Thiago Alecandre dos Santos from Brazil (2004-04-07 14:34:43)

I loved the idea of exposing my work! This is the first time I'm going to do that! You can count on me, I'm making an OA card to send you... That's gonna be GREAT!!

Helen Halliday from Duram, England (2004-04-07 14:34:02)

Wonderful idea especially considering the current situation in Afganistan. Peace to all.

Kathy Meyer from USA (2004-04-07 14:33:37)

Project-3 Wildlife Park -- Greetings from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I wish you much success on your Peace Tree project. What a wonderful way to bring the world together! Models are on the way, I hope you are pleased with my contribution. Love and Peace.

Mark Bradley from Mississippi - USA (2004-04-07 14:33:05)

I like to creat things with ogigami and it helps when i helped a girlscout troop out and taught them how to create a jumping frog and a cran. It was neat to see how much they had leanred from it. They keep asking me for more diagrams but i have just about ran out:(. on the basics that is:) Well You have a good thing goin on here and i would not be right if i was not to help out in anyway possible. ... please email me anything u would want help on... webpage some info about things i dunno what ever:) l8r

Chai Woo Ro from Korea (2004-04-07 14:31:20)

40 years long for my educational experiences of art education in the primary teacher institute in Korea, also I taught to hold of paper, cutting, cut out, bending, scoring, stripping, three dimensional construction for construction, construction by paper, city plan, parks, children play ground and so many types of expression. Origami as paper folding developed through the ages but really means of art education as creativity's for children to old, in art education have to express by peoples who hope acting most origami nearly same way. As an art education in each school must to learn more wide creative activities by as an artist too. On this occasion we must define the new way of paper work not only origami. Origami means most useful situation student who want to know folding paper. But they were usually influenced by expert one by one fold like same ways. CHAI WOO RO- Creator and the Paper Sculpture Emeritus Professor; Inchon National University of Education, Inchon, Korea. World Councilor of the International Society for Education through Art

Maria Victoria Garrido from Argentina (2004-04-07 14:30:55)

We are having so many problems trying to get the students attention to learn Math . I discovered that they can learn easily about geometry from folding a square of paper. I teach this class Math&Origami to all the students in the school with two more teachers. Those students are from 1 grade to 9 grade. We make models depends on the abilities of the students but with the youngest we make them fold and write the word "diagonal", we ask them about how many part of the whole did they get after one or more folds, this way they "see" how to divide the whole part in equals smaller. We talk about sides, angles, vertex and they make different images glueying different shaped pieces, then they count them and talk to their pals about that. One of the biggest problems these children have is that they do not know how to express their selves, they are not estimulated by their parents to talk or tell what do they feel or what did they have done, they only answer with one or two words at anything you can ask them. We have seen since last year that we had started with this project that they tell their friends what they did and they use the correct words while telling them. So we are very happy listening that they talk with a math language when they have to show how to do the models they have learn. It is really amazing listen such vocabulary on those kids that may be they do not know how to tell a story after her teacher has told them. I think, because they are using both, their hands and mind to learn, it is easy for them to rememeber the correct word. We are very stricts not letting them to use words such "go here" or do fold this like this" (while doing the foldings and pointing with their fingers). They have to say what it what they are doing, folding through the diagonal or the medias bases of the rectangles, aquares, etc. Even the youngers are learning to call the things by their names. This has improved their vocabulary a lot and is helping other areas of knowledge. Also we are stimulating their imagination by asking what is what they did. They talk about rotations, WOW! I could talk for ever about them and what we can do by using origami in our classes, besides they love it and they never get tired, they always ask for a new one, so we keep them at their sits very eager to listen to us and this believe me, it is a great conquer! With the older ones they made contest about who can fold that box or that one, on the exhibiton we had last year, because it was on December they made many boxes from Alexandra Dirk book with fanzy papers and Christmas colors and they sold them to the visitors. The other people who was also displaying their students works were asking my students how to do it, and this was a great satisfaction for them, just think a student from "our School" was teaching how to make a box to a teacher from other schools. They were very happy with theirselves, that is the best part of every thing. I also give the 8 and 9 grades kids OA to make and we can talk about symetry, they have fun and never forget what they did. It is a lot of work though to make the work sheets for all of them. Our students stay at school 8 hours per day. They have breakfast, lunch and tea everyday. We have to be very creative to not have entertained the whole day.
I am in love with my teaching.
Hugs, Marivi.

Evi Binzinger from Munster, Germany (2004-04-07 14:30:00)

I've been teaching art to children and adults for about 18 years, origami since 2 years now, in schools and other educational buildings, although I'm not a professional teacher but a graphic designer. The big advantages of origami are: it can be done by everybody, even handicapped persons, old and young, rich and poor. It connects folders all over the world, who can have fun and communicate through origami without even knowing a foreign language, it can function as some kind of social bond, within the family, between friends and across the border. I like the fact, that it helps developing creativity and fantasy and that you can add part of your own personality to the model, no matter if you are folding foreign models or creating own ones. It also helps kids thinking in 3 dimensional terms. Their hands and the table are remaining clean, while folding. The process of producing something is in one hand from the start until the end, which is important nowadays especially for people, who are living in highly industrialized countries. It is cheap and can be afforded by everybody, it can be done everywhere and it is easy to teach. Another interesting point is, that it can be used in therapy with good results. Kids and adults seem to love the action models and the ones, which give you an "aha" effect or are usefull in some way or the other for wearing as jewelry or playing. In my last kids group I realized, that especially the boys from age 6 to 9 rather seemed to be touched by airplanes, which they like to throw in a competition, than by folding flowers or animals. The girls loved folding airplanes, animals and flowers, none of the kids liked folding hearts. You can talk and relax, or being positively tensed while folding. You can stop any time in between and concentrate on something else, but origami also helps teaching kids to concentrate on something. Folding origami can take a long time, but also some seconds. It never gets boring, since there is so much variety. Origami can be repeated over and over again, in case you didn't understand it the first time, until you got it, or try to find an own solution. Some kids did this at home and proudly showed their results to me the next day. The kids are becoming more self confident, the more they fold and create. Their products become important and valuable, when you treat them with respect. You can work on big projects together with other folders using modules for example, or create a scene, or fold something all alone for yourself to take home. You can give presents to friends, which are inexpensive, yet beautiful and worth keeping in the show case. You can also produce your own handmade paper, which really means, creating something from the very start. All your senses are active when folding, you feel, see, hear the paper, maybe even smell it. Origami is also fascinating for mathematicians. Origami is just great!

Evi Binzinger from Germany (2004-04-07 14:29:24)

thank you very much for organizing this nice project! Happy folding and a lot of success! Evi

Uma Krishna from India (2004-04-07 14:28:50)

I had ventured to teach this art during summer to children's and I am exploring the possibilities of taking this much more forward. I personally feel if the Indian children's are given opportunity to exhibit their work in some international seminar, have some local competition and award prizes this art would become much more popular. I would also like to know what are the efforts in other country to promote this art. Looking forward to more news and interaction.

Govind Gopal Kulkarni from India (2004-04-07 14:24:27)

the project is a great convey my regards & respect to the great master- yoshijwa. i would love to be a part of this project. i enjoy doing origami & also teaching origami. i would love to hear from other origami practitioners.

Creativity Enthusiast from USA (2004-04-07 14:24:07)

This is a really great idea. I wish I knew about it months ago so I could have promoted the cause on the Creativity Portal. If you plan on doing this next year, please let us know. You can count us in! CP

Geoffrey Winship from Canada (2004-04-07 14:23:26)

Origami = Art + Education My grade 2 class would love to participate also. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute.

Scott Lough from Canada (2004-04-07 14:22:49)

My Grade Three class would love to participate in your project. We will start folding something special on Monday.

Stassy Levashova from Russia (2004-04-07 14:22:12)

ORIGAMI = ART + EDUCATION I have been folding ever since my parents got me interested in origami when I was eight. Origami developed my manual skills. My favorite type of origami models are animals. At school I have taught my class how to fold a traditional crane. I think I will always enjoy origami. At present time I help my parents with our international project and I like it very much. Happy folding !

Rita Foelker from Brasil (2004-04-07 14:21:38)

Fold paper by the Peace in the world is a great idea! Paulo, Pedro (my sons) and me will be part of this project. I teach origami for children and other teachers, and it's an excellent education resource. Pedro began early. He's 8 and presented his work in the school library. Origami make us be near to each other. I like it very much!!

Vishakha from USA (2004-04-07 14:21:13)

this roject soundsvery exciting. i will be sure to send you a model for the tree. thanks for your effort and initiative. cheers.

Uma Krishna from India (2004-04-07 14:20:55)

Excellant projects... shall difinately send some model.

Luis from Mexico (2004-04-07 14:20:27)

thanks for invitate the origami, very very nice. LUIS

Trees Daalder from The Netherlands (2004-04-07 14:20:02)

With great pleasure I participated in your first project. Within a short time I will send a model for the second exhibition. Probable some of the members of my origamigroup will send a model as well.So your tree is growing! Best regards to all.

Jason Robitaille from Canada (2004-04-07 14:19:32)

I love origami and I really like this site. I would like to know: if there is anything I can do to help????

Uncle Jaja from Canada (2004-04-07 14:19:06)

Hello from Canada. Thank you for the invitation to participate in your wonderful project. Look for a package from Canada to arrive there soon. :)

Rick Vanderpool from Texas, USA (2004-04-07 14:18:29)

Wonderful idea! I often make presentations utilizing origami - to students, young and old. Looking forward to being involved with your projects in the future. Peace from The Lone Star State!

Michael Kanarek from Texas, USA (2004-04-07 14:17:53)

Great idea. I will try to get my origami club, Origami Kingston, to send models.

Francis Ow from Singapore (2004-04-07 14:16:49)

Hi, I have just send some origami for this worthwhile project and I hope that you can receive it before 5th. November. I am sorry as I was involved in other projects and I did not realise that the original dateline for this project which was 15th November 2000 has been brought forward to an earlier date. Nevertheless, I think the origami should reach you in time for this project. Peace and harmony through Origami. Francis Ow

Volkan from Turkey (2004-04-07 14:16:12)

Congratulations for that great initiative. It's nice to see that the people in Novorossiysk-my favourite russian town- do great things. Thanks

Rachel from USA (2004-04-07 14:15:47)

What a great idea--good luck with the project!!

Emma Jane Griffiths from Cardiff, Wales (UK) (2004-04-07 14:15:25)

What a wonderful site. Excellent Idea! I will think of something to fold and send it asap. Good Luck Emma*

Corobu from France (2004-04-07 14:12:33)

saluton origamiaj amikoj! very good project... mais je ne matrise pas l'anglais alors je le dis en esperanto: baldaux mi partoprenos al via project. Gratulon!....

GIL from Israel (2004-04-07 14:10:47)

Lovely Site!
Keep up the good work.
Regards from IOC.